Claudio Zorzi

Claudio Zorzi was born in Meolo, Venice in 1968. He was raised within an artisan family of carpenters where year after year his exposure to the craft manifested into adoration for timber and its form.
By the end of the 80’s Claudio had already become a pioneer of the joinery industry in Italy and the world. He is inspired by an avant-garde vision that draws from the classic tradition of his heritage to the technical solutions of modernity and functionality, at times brilliantly. His innovations often pursued and copied.

Claudio Zorzi designed and exclusively produced, being the first baroque-style metal profiles to be introduced into the market, where today they have been copied due to their beauty.

Between 2009-2018, Claudio Zorzi designed projects with a selection of metals choosing only to use the most noble materials like Architectural Bronze, copper, aluminum and steel.

In 2019 Claudio started a new adventure. He established the brand, JOYwindowSystems, with a new series of innovative and futuristic products, unavailable on the market. He created a new look, still using the noble materials of wood, Architectural Bronze, copper, steel, corten steel and aluminum. He would create unique works of art, utilizing all these beautiful materials together where the projects permitted.

Claudio’s 30 years of experience and an exclusive patented range of unique systems he continues to beautify and enhance residences and buildings around the world, satisfying both his clients and architects.

All of Claudio Zorzi and Joy WindowSystems are now made exclusively by Metalwood-Mix s.r.l.

An inventor of systems and the beautification of raw materials, working to combine them together in ingenious ways, Claudio believes in research and continued study, allowing the artisan to understand high performance solutions with great aesthetic value. The technology used, like the thermal cut, allows any wood or metal to be used. Claudio and his skilled workers create unique pieces, like in a renaissance workshop, working with antique timbers (certified by an authenticity certificate) and material like artisan glass, stone and precious hides, using both traditional methods and modern technology. With tenacity, passion and vision Claudio always accepts new challenges planning, finalising and responding to every complex aesthetic/structural demand.

Claudio Zorzi’s company has become a point of reference in the industry to the highest degree. An ambassador for Made in Italy, many Hollywood celebrities entrust their projects to him to produce villas displaying technique and beauty.

Also, notable, are the projects in the Middle East and Central Asia. In India, particularly, with numerously important works in various cities (Pune, Mumbai, Kandla, Hyderabad and Bangalore). The collaboration with architects, designers and important clients has directed the company towards custom-made craftmanship, from the regal villas in Saudi Arabia to the private residences in the Emirates, Qatar in Kazakhstan Australia e Singapore. Not to forget the luxury hotels in Algeria and Russia. Further, noting the projects undertook in Europe which are profuse and include contemporary residences to prestige work for public and private clients.